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Book Club

Book Club

Oakwood Book Club is for those who  are interested in books, theology, faith, talking!

Working with LCI, the Leeds Church Institute, we’re bringing opportunities to discuss books relating to specific issues, or of particular personal interest


What happens... someone is passionate about a book; we hear from that individual about the book and conversation flows. Some have read the book and contribute, others engage with the ideas, others are inspired to go away and read it

We usually meet from 19.30 to 21.00 in the Sanctuary at Oakwood Church on one Tuesday of each month but please check the Calendar before travelling

Do you have a book that has made a difference to your faith - one that you would like to share?

If so please


Note There is usually a copy of each book to be discussed (and those previously discussed) available to borrow from the book shelves at the back of the Sanctuary… but you don’t have to read the book before coming along to a meeting


Kathryn Fitzsimons


0113 225 6702




Tuesday 19 March - 19.30 and

Tuesday 27 March - 19.30 and

Tuesday 10 April - 19.30

From Now On: A Lent Course on Hope and Redemption in The Greatest Showman

By Rachel Mann

discussion led by George Bailey

This year our Lent book will be accompanied by a film. Come and watch clips and discuss the themes at church, or follow the book week by week in your own time.

The church has some copies of the book (£5 donation - contact George Bailey to get hold of one - first come first served) or you can order it online

Tuesday 21 May - 19.30

Pilgrimage. A Spiritual and Cultural Journey

By Ian Bradley

Discussion led by Helen Reid

The concept of the Christian pilgrimage has its origins in the Exodus of the Jews from ancient Egypt, but it has changed and adapted with the passing centuries. In medieval times millions of pilgrims spent months travelling across Europe to visit holy cities and shrines, and today a modern revival has blurred the lines between pilgrimage and tourism and made places such as Iona, Taize and Santiago di Compostella contemporary meccas

Tuesday 18 June - 19.30

God Can’t: How to believe in God and Love after Tragedy, Abuse and Other Evils

By Thomas Jay Oord

Discussion led by Helen Reid

Many people wrestle with questions of evil.

Some appeal to mystery:“God’s ways are not our ways”. Others say God allows evil for some greater purpose. Still others say God punishes with evil.

Not only are these answers unsatisfying, they fail to support the view that God loves everyone all the time.

Books previously read / discussed include


by Paula Gooder

Arthur’s Call

by Frances Young


by Krish Khandia

Quantum Theology

by Diarmuid O’Murchu

Should we live forever?

by Gilbert Meilaender

Primal Vision

by John V. Taylor

Jesus for President Politics for Ordinary Radicals

by Shane Claiborne and Chris Haw

Children in the Bible: A fresh approach

by Anne Richards

Saving Jesus from the Church: How to Stop Worshiping Christ and Start Following Jesus

by Robin R. Myers

Biblical Authority After Babel

by Kevin J Vanhoozer

How Then Shall We Live

by Samuel Wells

Free of Charge: Giving and Forgiving

in a Culture Stripped of Grace

by Miroslav Volf

Demetia: Living in the Memories of God

by John Swinton

Who Chose the Gospels?

Probing the Great Gospel Conspiracy

by Charles E Hill

The Heart’s Time:

A Poem a Day for Lent and Easter

by Janet Morley

The Unlikely Pilgrimage of Harold Fry

by Rachel Joyce

PRAYER:Experiencing Awe and Intimacy with God

by Timothy J. Keller

Faith and Struggle on Smokey Mountain:

Hope for a Planet in Peril

by Benigno Beltran

Letters to a Young Muslim

by Omar Saif Ghobash

Waiting for the Last Bus:

Reflections on Life and Death

by Richard Holloway

Children before God: Biblical Themes in the Works of John Calvin and Jonathan Edwards

By John McNeill


by Paula Gooder

God Has a Dream: A Vision of Hope for Our Time

by Desmond Tutu